Belron® Canada point-of-sale system revamp
Belron canada

Belron Canada is the Canadian division of Belron, which has active divisions in 37 countries on six continents. The company’s unique expertise, strict safety standards, personalized service, cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive training program make it an undisputed world leader in auto glass repair and replacement and in the recalibration of cameras for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

With a network of more than 325 service centers under the Lebeau Vitres d’autos®, Speedy Glass®, Apple Auto Glass® and DURO® banners, 2 distribution centres, 26 warehouses and more than 1,300 employees in all 10 provinces, BelronCanada provides its customers with local service.

Staying competitive in market

Belron Canada had been considering overhauling its Point-of-Sale (POS) system to support company growth. The pandemic slowdown was the perfect opportunity to kickstart the project. In addition to offering a significant tech upgrade towards a modern platform, the new POS system will improve customer and employee experiences, adding flexibility to meet the evolving needs of the automotive industry.

Finding the right strategic partner to kick it in high-gear

The company was looking for a strategic yet flexible partner who would integrate naturally with existing teams and processes. The new functionalities had to be delivered to Belron platform users in less than three months.

  • Project in progress
  • Tight deadline
  • Onboard and integrate into internal team and processes


Choosing a squad model for a lean and accelerated approach to dev

Our IT firm, Suitalent, has cultivated a relationship with Belron Canada since 2019, and our recruitment team is well-versed in the company’s performance and people-oriented culture. We share the same delivery philosophy. Their POS system project was an ideal opportunity for us to jump in the driver’s seat and showcase our strategic value as a partner. We used a collaborative approach to rapidly assess and understand the client’s IT and business needs. Our solution was to integrate a squad model; assemble a team of external consultants for a lean, accelerated, and accessible approach to completing the mandate on target.

« Suitalent is a collaborator rather than a supplier who thinks they know how to deliver our project. They’re flexible and creative in meeting our needs. In addition, the candidates presented are of high quality allowing the entire team to rise.»


Vice President, Digital and IT
From building to integrating, trust the process

Belron’s main concern was the integration and its impact on the current team’s momentum. So our recruiters meticulously selected IT experts to build an agile squad. The client’s openness and flexibility allowed us to bring international consultants with diverse backgrounds to contribute to the team’s value chain.

Our squad model
  • Suitalent squad pre-qualifications interviews: HR and technical
  • Client interviews to tier candidates to ensure a company and tech culture fit
  • A squad of 8 experts
  • Two consultants working from our offices in Dakar, Senegal
  • Onboard and integrate into existing internal teams and processes

The implementation of our squad model ensured the fusion of external and internal teams. Thanks to weekly meetings and the quality of our governance, deadlines, deliverables and expectations were closely monitored.

Delivering over and above promise

Our partnership with Belron Canada is a success story on all fronts. The first wave of POS system features integrated with the squad model exceeded expectations from quality to delivery. As a result, Belron’s Operation team reported increased functionality delivered to platform users.

« Belron’s openness and flexibility allowed us to bring international consultants with diverse backgrounds to complement the squad model. The on-site/remote hybrid approach increased dev velocity and return on investment, quickly exceeding client expectations. As a result, we have become trusted partners. ».


/ Co-Founder / IT Talent Acquisition

Building a squad that complemented Belron’s company culture and reflected its values was key to the workflow collaboration. And combining international and local talent offered different perspectives to gain a competitive edge.

Our reactive approach, hands-on project management and skilled consultants built trust with our client. The squad model provided the expertise and flexibility to adapt and grow into the powerhouse it is today. As a result, the relationship has evolved into a thriving partnership.

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