Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

At Suitalent, we know that implementing a strong diversity and inclusion (D&I) policy is essential to achieving our goals and providing a better quality of service. That’s why we prioritize employee diversity to reflect our stakeholders and markets better, creating a more representative, fair, and high-performing team.

To collectively thrive from the diversity of our employees, we need to create an inclusive work environment where everyone can feel comfortable and encouraged to make their unique contribution. It’s not easy to deliver on that promise. It takes more than ideas. It takes execution.

Our definition of diversity and inclusion

At Suitalent, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive culture where differences are recognized, valued and celebrated. That means we welcome all individuals regardless of race, color, age, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, language, religion, political opinion, disability, or any other protected characteristic.

We know that the diversity of each person’s thinking, skills, experiences and work styles is an asset to our company because we see it every day—from our client feedback and employee dedication to our reputation.

Ultimately, we are committed to building lasting and respectful relationships with all of our clients, partners and consultants.

Why diversity and inclusion matter

Visibility matters. Education matters. Execution matters. And holding our leadership accountable to company culture is where the real change happens. At Suitalent, we design and execute our business strategy and daily activities with D&I at its core. We bring out our employees’ full potential and increase company performance by acting consistently.

Specifically, diversity and inclusion enable us to:

  • Achieve strong performance and growth by attracting, engaging and retaining diverse talent. Because our talent can see and feel seen.
  • Utilize our employees’ diverse perspectives, skills and experiences to make sound decisions about managing our resources and work.

How we support diversity and inclusion at Suitalent

Our leadership team spearheads D&I efforts. They exemplify the culture and take responsibility for progress toward our goals. They have an essential role to play in D&I governance.


We expect our leaders to integrate diversity into their teams and approach to demonstrate their commitment to fostering a work environment where everyone feels included, valued and able to perform at their full potential. We also expect our employees to work as a team and to respect their colleagues.

Suitalent is committed to equal opportunity and employs people according to the requirements of the roles and in accordance with local laws. We select candidates based on their qualifications, skills and experience.

We are proud that over 65% of our staff currently belong to an underrepresented group. We believe strongly in D&I and have set an ambitious target for the coming years. We are committed to increasing the representation of underrepresented groups among our staff to 70% over the next three years. But it’s more than targets.

We make it a point to work with partners aligned with our D&I intentions. We also encourage clients who have not already done so to implement a D&I policy. We are proud that over 55% of the candidates we refer to our clients are from diverse backgrounds. We promise to keep breaking down recruitment boundaries to make opportunities available to all.

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